May 28, 2015

2015 Designs of The Year

The Design Museum’s ‘2015 Designs of The Year’ exhibition had a bold show of innovative ideas from 2015. From my own observation, socially responsible design from a range of different design mediums including graphics, products and architecture had a large presence. Some of the more interesting examples of this type of design included items that utilised technologies that have become a lot cheaper and easily available recently, such as 3D printed prosthetics which have been developed in South Sudan, a device to boil water which you place into the cup you are drinking from and an advertising campaign to reduce food waste at supermarkets.


Also on display were some interesting examples of developments in designs that don’t often have significant changes, such as the new Norwegian bank notes, a design for a more endurable wheelchair and the interior of a food market which was developed with customer happiness as the core part of the brief.


For me, it was encouraging to see more socially conscious design funded by things like Kickstarter projects. Also the application of cheaper and more readily available materials were prominent. It shows that a DIY culture is emerging that is user-centric in its ideals leading to products that will further enhance our lives.

By Chris Bounds, Designer