January 21, 2015

A maverick positioning for a mall in Dresden

Centrum Galerie is a shopping center on the Prager Strasse in Dresden. Originally developed by Multi it opened on 17 September 2009. In a famous location it took its name from the former Centrum department stores of the trade organization of the GDR.

What do you do if you have a shopping and entertainment centre only a few yards away from a mid market powerhouse. Perhaps the best thing to do is to not to take them on head-tohead, but rather develop your own unique position. Perhaps give the people of Dresden something inspiring; something for them to be proud of. But what?


 For Corio the answer lay in understanding the city. With a largely overlooked student population of 36,000 we had a ready made market of young, dynamic, fast-fashion consumers, just looking for a place to call their own. Blend this with a fast fashion leasing approach and you’re onto a winner.


So our path was clear. Establish a young brand position and deliver this within a system that allowed for the brand to become a maverick – irreverent, dynamic and constantly changing. A brand designed to inspire individuality.


“Our experiences of working with Air have been both pleasant and successful. Their approach has been comprehensive from start to finish: from understanding the brief, working within tight timescales to produce great results, proving that we made the right choice in appointing them. The branding documents that were produced are the basis for our local teams in developing and strengthening the brands of our malls. The cutting-edge nature of Air’s work is definitely outstanding.”


Caspar Blume, Senior Marketing Manager, Corio Deutschland GmbH