May 27, 2014

Air creates brand stories for Corio Germany

What’s a brand story? Put simply, it’s the story a brand tells it’s customers or visitors through all of it’s touch points. We like to call it the DNA of the brand. It couldn’t be more important. If you get the brand story wrong, it like having a car using the wrong fuel. But get it right and you have the opportunity to build a strong brand that really resonates with customers.

At Air we believe in making this brand story central to the development of any project, whether it’s a logo design, signage strategy, interior refreshment or architecture. We are taking this approach with Corio for asset management and marketing across their German portfolio. After successfully completing development of a brand story for Boulevard Berlin we’ve followed this with strategic work for Centrum Galerie in Dresden and Arneken Galerie in Hildesheim. All three are in implementation phases now. Watch this space for the results, as the new stories start coming to life…