December 19, 2013

Air in the top 100 UK creative companies

Air Design has been selected by the government to join a taskforce of the UK’s top 100 creative enterprises, which together will aim to win £500 million worth of overseas contracts in the next three years.

Other companies on the taskforce include Zaha Hadid Architects, The British Museum, Farrells, FutureBrand, Mother, The V&A and Wolff Olins.

Each company in the taskforce will have its own international expansion plan and participate in a minimum of two overseas visits each year to target high value projects spanning transport, healthcare, retail, cultural developments and global sports sectors.

They will also receive training, support and networking opportunities directly related to these high value opportunities from UKTI and work with International Trade Advisers to identify the projects they are most qualified to bid for.

Until recently the market for UK creativity was limited largely to Western Europe but as new markets mature and global trading channels widen, the demand for British creative expertise is escalating.

The interest, particularly from emerging markets in Asia and the Middle East and countries like Russia and Brazil, is based on Britain’s reputation as a leader in creative industries.