January 22, 2015

Allegro VIVO!

We like nothing better than a great creative brief. And this one from our friends, the Austrian investor and developer Immofinanz Group, is nothing, if not that.

The challenge laid down is ‘to bring the big city shopping experience to small regional cities through our new chain of small retail centres called Vivo!’. This type of brief is where design really starts to earn it’s keep. Why? Because a regional city development has a regional city budget, not a capital city budget – and clever effective design is the best way to make the most of that budget.

We are delighted with this appointment and the faith shown in our design ability and market understanding. Our scope involves bringing the essence of this young, energetic brand to life throughout the interiors, graphics and navigation elements. We are to write the basis of a design manual which will facilitate the roll out of the concept across a number of sites across Eastern Europe.