May 14, 2014

Barcelona – the city of art, design and food

In the beginning of May, Air Russia Director Elena Rozanova went to Barcelona to enjoy good weather, amazing food and inspiring architecture. Here she shares some of her photos from the trip as well as some ideas on places to visit.

Barcelona is a great mixture of people, buildings, small cafes and loud night-clubs. Barcelona’s city life is balanced by number of beaches where you can relax after a day and night of culture-hopping! It is vibrant and easy-going as well as caring and welcoming. I must admit that it is now one of my favourite cities.

If you have a few days in Spain’s fine city and wonder where to have brunch, go straight to the Milk Bar & Bistro Restaurant (Carrer d’En Gignàs, 21). They serve big tasty meals that will keep your energy levels high throughout the day.


And for the dinner try a small privately-owned restaurant Cera 23 at Carrer de la Cera, 23. One can kill for their Blackberry Mochito!

Barcelona Cera23

My last restaurant suggestion would be La Paradeta (Carrer Comercial, 7 – next to Mercat del Born). It is more like a sea-food fast-food if that category exists. They are only open a few hours a day, so suggest you get there in advance to get a table at all. It is amazingly tasty and very inexpensive with helpful and welcoming staff.


If you are into museums, I advise you to purchase your tickets online in advance. It will save you enormous amount of worry and time. Who wants to queue for the Museum of Picasso for two hours when entry can take two minutes?

I really liked street art in Barcelona. It is full of bright colours and interesting characters. A few of my favourites




Being a part of design, architecture and signage company, I pay attention to unique buildings and shopfronts, funny signs. Here are some from Barcelona





Well.. you can definitely get a lot of useful information from many websites and guides so hope by now you are excited enough to book a ticket and go for a long weekend to amazing, inspiring and charming Barcelona! Enjoy and share your photos with us!