December 19, 2013

BDT website

Air create a new visual identity to help drive specialist Asian investment firm BDT Invest LLP.

An out of date visual identity not reflective of the firms experience or ability led to the appointment of Air to update the firm’s logo, website and fund presentation materials.

The challenge was to bringing everything together in a very modern, new visual design system, yet with enough flexibility to enable factsheets and fund performance communications to be updated and issued by BDT themselves. Quick access to key information through the website was required to improve the user experience.

Firstly the values that best represented BDT were assessed. As a firm operating in the Asian financial markets, performance, research, stability and transparency were the primary ones. The solution brings both their values and reputation as Asian specialists to the fore. Crisp clean navigation and clear data layout help the user. Visual imagery with a twist of red brings a strong element of personality to the identity.

The results are a tight and appropriate visual system. Practical use of a simple website CMS system and the in-house updating of fact sheets using Excel as the base tool saves time whilst improving the communications. We believe our work will give BDT an excellent foundation to accelerate the building of a strong, niche and specialist brand.