June 8, 2016

Boutique mall by Jumeirah Beach is open now!

Air is proud to announce that our project The Mall, located in Jumeirah, has opened and started to welcome its guests. Situated in one of the most prestigious districts of Dubai it soft-opened in Q1 2016. The fully leased mall will open officially in September when tenant fitout is finally complete.

The Air team has not just designed a shopping centre but created a place that will become a vibrant social hub where people come to look, linger, relax, interact – and of course… shop!

We started the project by reconfiguring the layout to enable a more flowing, retail oriented environment. Undersized units and dead walls were removed a number of kiosks and commercialisation opportunities were introduced. We created and designed a roof concept that allows an influx of natural light whilst still keeping the environment cool in the very hot summer months. We also designed the interiors and additional elements such as cafes, food-court, furniture, wash-rooms, info desk and signage. High-end materials have been used in an elegant, understated way to create an environment that feels modern, pure and one must say quite unique in the Dubai mallscape.

The new layout has increased the GLA and commercialisation opportunities for the scheme whilst reducing the common area. The design has played a key role in attracting a unique tenant mix for this premium mall.