October 28, 2010

Cor blimey, it's Corvin!

It always amazes me how a new shopping mall opens at all. 3 days before the place is always in a state of near total chaos. It’s fit out carnage with the retailers pulling their units together at lightning speed and all the other contractors working around each other in a dizzying mêlée. Somehow and against all probability it always happens, with the scheme coming together seemingly at the last minute. And that’s always down to a lot of dedicated people working like they’re possessed.


And so it was with the 27th October launch of Hungary’s newest mall, Ségécé’s Corvin in Budapest. Our responsibility was for the interior design, wayfinding information system and environmental graphics. 5 months after our commission (which is pretty quick in my book) and three days before opening, Ari and Keith were to be found on site making sure our signage solution, which included a fully touchscreen navigation and information system, a 450 seat food court, 27 toilet blocks, information desk, stop and stay and stop and go furniture, exhibitions and hoarding super graphics were all installed as they should be.

By 6pm on the Tuesday it was 99 percent in and the interiors were looking really fabulous; thanks to Ari, project managers Sandor and a now nearly voiceless Gabi blasting around the place like forces of nature kicking butt left, right and centre (as Ari’s blistered feet would testify to!). The touchscreen system was working perfectly thanks to the endeavors of Keith, Pete, Stu who had been burning Budapest’s reserves of midnight oil whilst also making sure the signs were faultless along with the environmental graphics and hoardings. The latter of which we’re particularly proud of, no less than scratch and sniff hoardings in the food court!


And then all of a sudden the mist clears and it’s done. You stop, go and have a shower, and come back for the 1000 head launch party. The adrenaline, however, takes a while to clear the system and when the call went out for the Jager (miester) at about 10pm we knew we were in trouble. The team still found the energy (or was it the Jager) to party into the small hours, not always the best idea when you’ve got to open the mall at 9.00 the next morning…

…but opened it was by some rather bleary eyed, but happy folk, to an appreciative public.


Corvin is absolutely one of the best jobs we’ve designed to date and we suspect now setting the standard for development in Budapest. A huge thanks to all involved!