May 19, 2014

Evening talk at the V&A – Kengo Kuma


Air senior designer Jean-Charles Jeanneau has attended a talk of famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma at V&A. Here is a glimpse of what was discussed.

Recently appointed to design the V&A of Dundee, Kengo Kuma presented not only his work but his philosophy as an architect and of course the latest visuals of his first project in the UK. He describes his work as strongly inspired by the environment, constantly looking for the prefect harmony between the architecture and the place. His early work seems to disappear in the landscape preserving the beauty of the environment, and not the least, the building itself when comes the Tsunami!

Talking about respect of the mountain, reconnecting the local community with the spiritual aspect of the place where they leave and using sustainable material from the site to minimise carbon footprint, seems to be the way forward and one can only agree with these principles.


Another aspect of his work is the constant research about structure, mixing traditional techniques such as Japanese toys or bamboo strengths and experimenting new ways of creating buildings. Such as the GC Prostho museum research centre or the Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum in Japan.


Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum

GC Prostho Museum Temple

When it comes to the V&A of Dundee, one can relate to the layers of the cliff, combining city and nature but whether it is going to be bringing this emotional connection that his early work has so beautifully revealed, only time will say…