November 9, 2016

Everything will be HOROSHO! (Okay!)

HOROSHO! Shopping and entertainment centre opened on the 15th of September in Moscow by TPS Real Estate, a leading Russian mall developer and owner, operating 900,000 sq m of retail space.


The mall is conveniently located next to Polezhaevskaya metro station on the North-western part of Moscow and sits in a strong catchment area. Air has developed branding and wayfinding for the scheme. “Horosho!” means good in English and this sentiment needed to be expressed in the logo.


The team came up with an idea of using popular icons (emojis) to form some of the characters within the word. By playing and changing these icons it’s possible to create a dynamic brand that has the ability to morph its tone and feeling, depending on the type of communication.


Wayfinding and signage were also part of our scope. The system had already been designed, but not implemented. TPS asked us to audit the system it and then make the necessary improvements to bring it up to European investment grade.