November 9, 2016

Festival Place, Basingstoke

Working with AEW on the revitalisation of Basingstoke’s 200 unit, 100K sq m GBA Festival Place. Famously used by Clarkson for Series 12, Episode 6 of Top Gear who was road tested a Ford Fiesta 2008 whilst being chased by “Baddies” in a Chevrolet Corvette.


Set to relaunch in phases from 2017. The works include renovations to the entrances, a major and needed reworking of the notoriously complicated multilevel carparking. New teanants, rebranding, new navigation system and upgrades to the interior rest areas and décor.


The area of Basingstoke which Festival Place now stands on was cleared in the 1960s. The first phase, which became The Walks and New Market Square was completed at the end of the decade and The Walks was covered in the 1990s. The second phase became now local authority owned The Malls and has since been altered further to include a new roofed area and new modernised areas (2011/2012). Festival Place was completed in 2002.