October 14, 2010

Finding our way in Russia's Tsvetnoy

Air’s residency in Russia is set to continue with news that we’ve been asked to develop a wayfinding solution for Tsvetnoy in Moscow. The department store is a new addition to the city, located in its cultural hub and on the site of the historical Moscow Central Market. Inspired by Palladian geometry and the forms of great mountains, the architects have created a landmark retailing destination where the customer can shop, eat and explore.

Atrium section

Our brief is to develop a system which is informative enough to prevent visitors from getting lost, but not explicit enough so that they arrive at their chosen destination without firstly exploring other concessions on offer. The scheme will cover all floors of the development, from the lower level car parks, up through the main fashion and beauty retailing floors to the upper food market and restaurant at the ‘peak’. This top level also features its very own rooftop terrace and promenade with breathtaking views of the city.

Tsvetnoy is due to open at the end of 2010.