September 23, 2011

For God's sake don’t break it…

What do you do when you have one of the most successful malls in Europe and it needs a redesign? Well, top of the list is to absolutely not break it! With the third highest footfall in the Ségécé portfolio our brief for the famous Nový Shmícov in Prague was to not alienate the loyal customer base, but create a place that was even more welcoming, comfortable, modern and easy to use.

Superstar mall architect Pierre ‘The Corian’ Godin of PG Developments was project management lead on the ground and what a smashing job he did – Air providing interior design, creative support, navigation and interactive digital design. Hats off to Albert, Rodolphe, Phillipe, Yossi and the rest of the crew that helped to put it all together. Top job!

Our brand story focused on delivering zones within the centre that when combined made places for everyone to feel comfortable in. OK, so we’ve gone a bit nuts with the Corian, even using it to clad the walls, but the effect is great. The proof, as ever, is in the pudding and all the areas are being used to the max. The mall is much more comfortable and the feedback is already super positive.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the beautiful city of Prague – check it out.