April 8, 2020

Green City Solutions: Breathing Air Back into Cities

In March, Air Design were fortunate to have had a studio workshop with Green City Solutions to learn all about their revolutionary technology, which revitalises and breathes clean air back into our polluted cities. Our main question was: How can Air Design use this ground-breaking technology in our own future designs?

Their most innovative product is the City Tree. It’s the world’s first bio-tech filter proven to quantifiably improve air quality using a surprising superhero… moss. Moss is a renewable source, has a cooling effect, absorbs CO2, and releases oxygen and has antiseptic properties combating toxic air pollution. Amazingly, the City Tree can filter air for up to 7000 people in 1 hour, offering the pollution reducing equivalent of 275 trees, across a remarkably small surface area of just 3.5m2.

Turns out, through collaborative development it is perfectly possible to integrate City Tree products into our public realm and wayfinding installations, developing distinctive, strikingly sculptural, more legible and healthier landscapes. What’s not to like!