November 12, 2010

Hoarding designs not be sniffed at…

As regular readers of the Airblog will know, we have recently completed wayfinding, signage and interiors work at Corvin, Ségécé’s newest mall in Budapest. As the scheme opened, the reviewers flooded in to cast their critical eyes over our handiwork and one blog in particular which caught our eye was this:

N.B. It’s in Hungarian!

We’re reliably informed (by our Hungarian clients) that it’s extremely complimentary of the interiors, especially the scratch and sniff hoardings in the food court. Using one unnamed online translation service, the writer explains how ‘watching the corner of my eye, how many people venturing forth a little stroking, but unfortunately no one has been caught’. This warmed our hearts at Air, not only for the charming (and somewhat hilarious) translation, but also because it’s great to know that our designs are bringing enjoyment in a place that would otherwise be devoid of any form of creativity!

Cake hoardings