April 4, 2016

Regenerating Slovakia’s original shopping and entertainment centre – Polus City Centre

Air has been appointed as lead designer by the IMMOFINANZ for the refurbishment of Polus City Centre in Bratislava, incorporating a new architectural master plan, renovated interiors with new branding and navigation – across all areas of the scheme.

Polus City Center is a mix-used destination combining high-quality retail outlets, entertainment facilities and an office complex. It was opened in 2000 as the first shopping centre of its kind in Slovakia and a previous, light refurbishment took place in 2009.

The quality of space on offer is a critical factor in the success of any centre. With fierce competition within the Slovakian market, a new comprehensive concept, will be launched in order to guarantee the ongoing success of Polus City Centre.

Alan Robertson, CEO of Air Design, said: “We are working hard to deliver what people want – based upon a deep understanding of how this place will function as a local urban daily centre. We’re developing a very engaging environment at a more manageable scale. There’s a clear focus on the social aspects of the shopping and entertainment experience. Polus City Centre will be an expression of contemporary urban lifestyle and something that the people in this area of Bratislava really deserve.”