June 21, 2012

Interior design at Futurum Ostrava

Air has recently been asked to work on the interior of Futurum Ostrava, a large mall in the Czech Republic. Appointed by Pradera, we are responsible for updating the food court, rest areas and architectural features such as the floor, ceiling, lighting and shop fronts. We know from experience that with projects such as these, the devil is in the detail, so close attention to finishes and treatments will ensure a practical and attractive result throughout the mall. In particular, our brief is to create a warmer and more comfortable space for visitors to spend their time in.

Our interiors team has worked on several similar projects to this, namely at Corvin in Budapest. As well as designing the food court, rest areas and boudoir toilets, we designed bespoke furniture and a children’s play area in order to create an inviting and homely environment for local people. To see this and more of our interiors projects, click here: https://www.airdesign.co.uk/work_categories/interiors/