September 23, 2010

London's (numerous) Festivals of Design


As inhabitants of this great city we call London, we like to think that we’re living in the country’s – and arguably the world’s – creative hub. When September rolls around though it seems our thoughts are more than justified; London Fashion Week has just finished and now there’s not one, but two design festivals in full swing. The London Design Festival returns for its seventh year, with over 200 events (most of them free) taking place over nine days across the capital. 2010 also sees the launch of the provocatively named Anti Design Festival. Organised in response to an apparent ‘25 years of cultural deep freeze in the UK’, this runs for the same nine days in Shoreditch, with a whole range of events to broaden your creative horizons.

Whilst we at Air Design couldn’t possibly choose between LDF or ADF, the fact that there are two design festivals showcasing innovative work proves how London remains the place to be for artistic minds. All that remains is to go to some of the shows, and with so many located close to our studio, we don’t know where to start!

Both festivals run to Sunday 26th September: