October 19, 2015

New visual identity for Lucrum

Lucrum is a developmental company operating in the commercial, residential and leisure sector. They are a company with considerable experience and exceptional quality. Air Design was appointed to create a new visual identity that fully reflected the traditional and professional approach of Lucrum. The aim was to subtly promote a modern feel for a company that stayed true to its rich heritage.
We developed a simple and effective visual identity that represented the sturdiness and authority of Lucrum. Using Gotham, a simple Serif, the end result was a minimal logotype that was distinctive and bold. With this project, the magic was in the attention to detail. We employed a dark blue hue with silver accents, creating a combination of materials and colours that was instantly recognizable as timeless luxurious brand with an undertone of classy coolness.
Lucrum now has a fresh identity that fits with its strategy and brand positioning. The logotype is now being used in all facets of the Lucrum brand, to ensure the new style is implemented consistently.