October 5, 2016

“O” for Oceania

Air team has successfully developed brands as well as wayfinding and signage for two new shopping malls that are been built by TPS Real Estate in Moscow, opening in Q3 2016.

Oceania soft opened on 25th August with an official opening due closer to Christmas. That didn’t stop the customer with footfall on opening of 42,000. For this project, our brief was to create a brand which would fit into the existing TPS portfolio and work well with the sea theme of the mall, with its large aquarium. We’ve used the ‘O’ letter as the basis of our symbol and drawn it up using colourful corals, referencing the unique and diverse ecosystem of coral reef – which reflects the diversity of a great shopping and entertainment centre. The vibrant brand language further articulates this diversity and helps to express the joyful and engaging Oceania experience.

Signage also fell into our scope – but in this case it was to take an existing system that had already been implemented by others, but not to the clients satisfaction, and bring it up to what we call investment asset grade. It now functions well from a wayfinding perspective, is user friendly and aligned with the brand.

We also look forward to another opening – Horosho! Which is due to open its doors in Q4 2016. We’ll keep you posted.

TPS is a leading Russian mall developer and owner operating 900,000 sq m of retail space