July 15, 2016

Unveiling the new Parc Vallès

Continuing a long collaboration with Pradera, Air was appointed to create a new branding and wayfinding solution for Parc Vallès, a 42,000 m2 scheme located on the outskirts of Terrassa, 30 kilometres from Barcelona. Our mission was to help to the shift the scheme’s positioning to coincide with a multi-million € revitalisation of the scheme and the introduction of important new tenants such as Nike Factory and Mango. Our scope extended to advising on the treatment of the facades and landscaping.
The opening ceremony took place this summer where the new image was unveiled to visitors after completion major renovations. Air is proud to have been part an exciting project, which in the words of Alfonso Brunet, Pradera’s president, has been a “fast transformation in record time”.
The new branding and wayfinding solution firmly positions Parc Vallees as an aspirational destination, offering a balanced mix of fashion, leisure and convenience retail, in an attractive and vibrant environment that, importantly, feels safe and is comfortable to navigate.

Parc Vallès is leisure and retail park comprising of 51 units on ground and first floors including a 24 screen multiplex, bars, restaurants, bowling and karting.

Pradera, one of Europe’s leading specialist retail property fund and asset managers, has invested a total of 8.2 million euros in the renovation of the park.