October 28, 2015

The new heart of Białołęka

A great example of a development creating the new heart of a place. This scheme brings the residents of a built up, young community a great A class retail, entertainment and leisure facility and defines the new centre. Our job was to develop the brand design strategy and deliver new branding for the scheme. A new 64k sq m GLA, 250 unit mall being built in the northern Warsaw district of Białołęka by renowned Warsaw developers GTC.

Construction began in July 2015. Alongside the retail, the scheme will feature numerous leisure solutions, including rooftop gardens, walking paths and a playground. It will be one of the greenest building in its class with aspirations to LEED Gold certification.


It’s all about bringing vibrancy to the community. The communication language defines the place as not only one for essentials and daily shopping, but also to promote the location as a place for special treats, a meal out or that 3rd place to spend time with family and friends. Much like a small town centre, or larger city piazza.

The logo suggests the coming together of people and references the name (North Gallery) and location with the directional chevron. A very lively and colourful visual language counterpoints the somewhat conservative aesthetics of the residential environment intending to draw people to the centre – to give them a lift and present a place they can take to their hearts.