May 21, 2014



AIR’s first steps in the Middle East were to design the interior of an upcoming new retail destination in Dubai, soon to become the new talk of the town. It is called THE MALL.

The brief was to be refreshingly different and stand out from Dubai’s existing shopping offer.

Located in the most attractive part of town, on Jumeirah beach road frontage, the priority was for the interior to reflect the brand’s personality: a unique destination and human scale. From creating the layout of the mall in the very early stages giving the mall a welcoming and friendly atmosphere was our aim; to facilitate the user experience.


The interior look and feel is very graphic referencing the angular shapes reminiscent of the brand logo from floor to ceiling. Cafés and rest areas are spread across the mall complimenting the architecture with a natural colour palette of sandy tones and blues that seem to merge beautifully with the landscape. A water feature emerges from the sides of the escalators creating a wow-factor and bringing the place to life. It appears to continue flowing down to the car park inviting the customers up.

By using similar elements and colours inside and outside, it brings coherence to the building as opposed to a blind box approach. Again making you feel more welcome… Coming soon…