October 6, 2014

Storytelling in branding

Alan Robertson, CEO of Air, is going to give a talk on storytelling in branding during Real Estate Development & Marketing: Made in London Business tour.

The idea about the topic came during a long discussion about the brands and its development and the way they communicate with customers. As humans, we tend to remember stories much easier as they have a certain layout that we know since childhood. So how should brands create, develop and tell their stories to attract and hold the customer? Alan will share his view on this based on Air’s experience and global practice.

About the event:

Real Estate Development & Marketing: Made in London Business tour is organized by Russian-British company Redenex on 20-24 October, 2014.

The Tour will be hosted in London, the city that presents latest real estate development trends and cutting-edge architecture.

Real Estate Development & Marketing: Made in London is:

3 days of rich business programme
5+ world-renown projects of commercial and residential real estate including visiting new regeneration areas
20+ hours for networking with key developers and marketing professionals of the UK
12 British experts in real estate development and marketing
2 optional programmes: Residential Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate

The main Business tour programme is divided into 2 streams:

– Top management
– Marketing directors

Organizers in mutual cooperation with the leading British companies will carry out seminars on the latest trends and first-hand experience of development, marketing, promotion, wayfinding, branding etc. Tour’s participants will visit one of the leading international exhibition in media and technologies Ad:Tech to meet exponents and speakers.

For detailed information, please, contact our Tour key client managers

In Europe:  Marina Logacheva, +44 7554 980981

In Russia:  Anna Ignatenko, +7 960 701 35 11

Or e-mail us: madeinlondon[at]redenex.com

Receiving an unforgettable experience of intensive business communications and getting inspired for the benefit of business development is easy! You can enjoy it too as a participant of the Business Tour “Real Estate Development & Marketing: Made in London”.