November 2, 2018

Warsaw Original

A long forgotten vodka distillery in the up and coming Praga district is fast becoming Warsaw’s No.1 lifestyle destination after the 460m euro revitalisation by BBI and Liebrecht & Wood.

Back in the day the Koneser vodka factory employed more than 400 people with production capacity at a staggering quarter of a million bottles of vodka per day. But the decline of the factory in the latter part of the century saw it eventually shut down. The Praga district, in which it was based also suffered and the cheap rents saw it being colonised by artists. It also earned a reputation for not being particularly safe. But as is the way with such areas, it became cool and this led to inward investment and regeneration, bringing back to life and preserving of these historic and important buildings.


This new, exceptional mixed-use destination blends these post-industrial spaces within a contemporary urban fabric. Home of Google’s Eastern European Campus and the historic Polish Vodka Museum alongside event space, hotels, cafes and restaurants, residential,  office, retail and conference facilities.

Our brief was to re-brand with an image and essence that matched this absolutely unique destination. Working with our positioning statement ‘Warsaw Original’ we developed a vibrant new brand language capped with logo by the famous Polish artist  Klaudia Kudelska