August 20, 2015

A new navigation system for Crocus City

Crocus Group, a developer of large and unique mixed-use projects, naturally like to think big. Their development, Crocus City, including three Expo halls, two shopping centres, a concert hall and a large DIY centre, is no exception and covers over two square kilometres.

However, as any visitor who values their time knows, finding your way easily around a large place is imperative to making your visit a positive one. With this knowledge, the Crocus Group commissioned Air to develop a wayfinding strategy that would help visitors find their way more efficiently, improve their experience and importantly really bring the breadth of the offer and services into view. Signage will be simple and stylish matching the values of the various elements that comprise Crocus City.

Air are delighted to be working on this project, showcasing our team’s knowledge, skills and expertise that have been honed over many years.