The 87,100 sqm GLA Boulevard Berlin is an architecturally and visually stunning building. What differentiates it from the majority of other shopping centres is that not only is it visually stunning but it also has substance, receiving not one but two BREEAM certificates. This means that Boulevard Berlin is actively working towards their brand promise of ‘quality of life’. They want to improve their customers quality of life not just on the surface but also on the most basic and important levels.

Quality of life


Our challenge; to develop a new brand positioning to make the most of its natural assets and bring the promise of ‘quality of life’ into their brand DNA.


Our development process took us deep into the 5 pillars of wellness: emotional, material, physical, developmental and social. When blended together these deliver ‘quality of life’, these pillars form the essence of the brand which lies at the heart of their major development plans.


This has been documented in the new brand book which covers not only the new positioning but also the new brand language. Importantly it not only acts as the visual identity guide for marketing, but also a philosophy guide for their behaviour and ongoing development.