Business as Unusual

    Dear Airfriend,

    Firstly, we trust you are all healthy and doing your best to be good humans in these remarkable times. Our priority has always been the health and wellbeing of our team and like you all we are following the government advice, working hard on future planning, and on the practical side, have successfully set up a fully-functioning virtual studio.

    Whilst we can’t say it’s business as usual for any of us, we can say that we’ve put in place systems, communications and a positive can-do attitude that ensures it’s as usual as possible.

    Clearly the world will be different when we re-emerge from our bedroom, kitchen or living room offices. Our aim must be to help all of our clients navigate what that means in terms of design and how your places can remain ones that people still love. You are all trying to navigate and deal with the most diverse set of new issues you’ve ever had to face. But within all of the bad, and maybe sometimes fake news, there are golden nuggets of opportunity for the visionary to move quickly into the new reality.

    Much of our work is for the long term and as our projects move ahead, we are focussed on what these changes may mean for you as a business and ensuring this new thinking is integrated into our design work. But, in the short term if you face immediate challenges – just reach out, we’re here to help. In addition, we’ll be doing our best to put together some current insights out into our social media networks. Hopefully some of it will be useful and inspiring.

    As a veteran of at least two deep recessions and in the words of my dear mum ‘this time will also pass’. For now though, keep safe, keep positive and keep in touch.

    Alan Robertson, CEO