Interior design and architecture for an exciting new development located in one of the most prestigious districts of Dubai.

Creating a boutique mall by Jumeirah Beach


Our brief was not just to design a shopping mall, but to create a vibrant social hub where people come to look, linger, relax, interact, and of course… shop!


We began by working with the local architects reconfiguring an originally very rigid layout to a more flowing, retail orientated design, and creating a new roof concept allowing an influx of natural light, yet importantly reducing direct sunlight. We then went on to design the interiors and additional elements such as cafés, food-court, main feature, furniture, wash-rooms and info desk. High end materials have been used in an elegant, understated way to create an environment that feels modern, pure and truly unique.


The new layout has increased the GLA and commercialisation opportunities for the scheme, and the design has played a key role in attractive a very unique tenant mix for this premium mall, which opened in February 2016.