Festival Place

    Air’s new brand positioning, wayfinding and interior enhancements for Festival Place have helped to rejuvenate this vibrant retail and leisure destination. At a time when headlines tell of doom and gloom as online sales hit the high street, Festival Place is bucking the trend with annual footfall growing from 20 to 22.4 million. Importantly, this boost in popularity is helping to attract new fashion and lifestyle brands to the centre.

    Festival Place is a 100,000 sqm shopping centre situated in the heart of Basingstoke, a regional hub housing over 140 big brand stores including Apple and Hollister, 20 mouth-watering eateries and a multiplex cinema.

    The new identity presents a modern and sophisticated image whilst still remaining very approachable. The tone of voice is light-hearted and engaging.
    The new brand style is carried through to the wayfinding signage (static & digital), environmental graphics and car park signage, all of which has been updated by Air to improve the customer experience and ambiance of the scheme.
    Air also developed the concept design for important brand touchpoints, such as the new customer lounge.