Forum Gdańsk

Celebrating History

    This mixed-use development has immediately become a must-visit place for shoppers and visitors to Gdańsk. More than one million people visited the new place in its first three weeks. Formed by a combination of individual buildings, streets, squares, greenery and canals, it’s home to 200 shops, the widest gastronomic offer in the region, modern entertainment, office space and the largest parking facility in the city.

    Our wayfinding is helping to revitalise this historical area of this famous city. The second phase of public realm signage will seamlessly connect the retail, leisure, F+B offering with the schemes streets, squares, greenery offices and canals.
    The sign concept takes inspiration from the geometric shapes and patterns of the branding. The box design plays with negative space to create interest and sits harmoniously within the environment. The colour was inspired by the use of black and white contrast throughout the scheme.
    The mapping uses a heads-up system to ensure that it's orientated correctly from the view point of the user. Cinema and entertainment schedules, discount offers and transport information can also be accessed on the mall directories.
    The information desk works alongside the navigation and information system. It follows a similar aesthetic and is designed to be both accessible for visitors and functional for the customer services team.
    With only one access point into the malls and spread across 5 levels the navigation had a big role to play to help visitors find that entrance and them most importantly find their vehicle at the end of the visit. The system helps to resolve a tricky navigation situation.