Getting under the skin


Galeria Wilanów is one of two new SEC’s being built by longstanding Warsaw developers GTC. Positioned next to the famous Wilanów Palace it’s an exciting scheme situated in a rapidly evolving, new part of Warsaw.

For a mall that will be competing directly with the three Warsaw powerhouse malls this brief would be one of the most challenging we’d faced. But we had two secret weapons…

The first was that Galeria Wilanów will be the first new mall in Warsaw for 10 years offering all the benefits of a 4th generation mall. The second is the proximity to the Wilanów Palace, the former residence of the beloved King Sobieski. It’s a place all Polish students visit and when you have such a location embedded in the psyche of the people you really have something unusual. For us receiving a lecture from the Curator of the Wilanów Palace was the turning point.


The penny dropped and we asked ourselves the question, ‘What would a super contemporary take on baroque design language look like?’ Our creative process led us to quickly develop a brand DNA that was centered around expressing a vernacular baroque design form in a very contemporary way.


A truly unique design language in both the graphics and the built environment.