Metropolis is a 258 unit shopping centre in the heart of Moscow. It is widely regarded as one of the best malls in Russia.

If you’re the best, how do you get better?


If you’re the best, how do you get better? Not a question asked very often – but it was the question asked here. Metropolis is arguably the most successful SEC in Russia, but the new owners still saw great potential and Air were appointed to develop a new band positioning for the next phase of the mall’s life.


At the heart of their improvements was a strong push to develop their reputation as the definitive retail place for the best, new fashion in Moscow. We took inspiration directly from the fashion world, where you can rely on certain style publications to direct you in your fashion journey. So Metropolis would be the physical equivalent.


Curators of Style is a simple position to adopt. A place where we bring the latest and best from the fashion world – and importantly allows us to constantly develop and reinvent the offer, moving with the times. We also redesigned the visual identity, publishing a brand book and visual identity guidelines.