514 malls, 1 leader

    Air has played a pivotal role in helping Metropolis carve out a unique position in one of the world’s most competitive retail markets (514 malls and counting!).

    Transitioning from a popular but mass-market mall to Moscow’s “Curators of Style”, Air’s branding has helped attract big name brands, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors and Superdry to Russia.

    If you’re the best, how do you get better? Not a question asked very often – but it was the question asked here.

    Metropolis is arguably the most successful SEC in Russia, but the new owners still saw great potential and Air were appointed to develop a new band positioning for the next phase of the mall’s life.


    The “Fashion First” strapline supports the message that Metropolis is bringing young Moscovites latest and best from the fashion world – and importantly allows it to constantly refresh and reinvent the offer, moving with the times.