Fresh designs for an
inner city mall

A navigation and interiors update for a
highly successful mall in central Prague.


With the third highest footfall in the Ségécé portfolio, our brief for the famous Nový Smíchov in Prague was to not alienate the loyal customer base, but create a place that was even more welcoming, comfortable, modern and easy to use. The centre was built over ten years ago and was in need of an uplift to maintain its prestigious reputation, and to compete with nearby centres.


Across the signage, interiors and digital touchscreens we have created a bright and fresh environment, using slick white Corian with vivid details. As well as being an attractive solution, the design aids legibility and visitor recognition. Corridors are no longer bland and unwelcoming, but visually stimulating and encourage customers to use the facilities. Unused spaces have been transformed into comfortable seating areas where visitors are able to relax before hitting the shops once more.


Our designs have been met with positive feedback from both centre management and the visitors themselves. The seating areas we have created in rest spaces are always in use, so rather than being a place to simply shop, Nový Smíchov is now a place in which people wish to spend their time.