Rive Gauche

ICSC Award Winner 2018

  • Footfall+50%

Rive Gauche has transformed Charleroi’s city centre, reviving a place previously in decline, abandoned by tenants and visitors. Footfall to surrounding streets has increased by over 50%, and local businesses are once again starting to thrive. A new town square, shopping centre, restored bores, hotel and offices means that locals are now able to enjoy rewarding leisure time at home, instead of commuting to neighbouring cities.

Our interiors and branding have helped make Rive Gauche one of Belgium’s most popular retail destinations, welcoming 8 million people annually. Rive Gauche has since taken home the Best Medium Sized Shopping Centre at a prestigious ICSC awards. The project was also nominated for best new shopping centre at both Mapic and MIPIM.

The contemporary interiors make subtle references to the Left Bank's architectural heritage. Belgian blue paving and shop fronts with wooden frames referenced more classical architecture.
Accents of Parisian chic run through the identity's sophisticated typography, photography and illustrations.