Russian Railways

Russian Railways Gets its Signing up to Speed

    A new navigation system for the Russian Rail network. The 2nd largest in the world, carrying over a billion passengers every year on 50,000 miles of track, the project certainly wasn’t for the faint-hearted. Thankfully, we quite like a challenge…

    Originally appointed to review existing signage system, we were soon asked to develop a set of guidelines for use across the entire Russian Railways network of stations. This covered all sizes and types, from large urban hubs to tiny platforms in the wilderness.
    We developed a simple signage family using a bold colour combination of red, grey and white. Whilst the red links to Russian national identity, this combination is also extremely legible.
    Hand drawn pictograms complement the simple Cyrillic typeface, which is used for different languages and dialects across the network.
    Our signage manual has been distributed to approved contractors for rolling out throughout the country. Prototype signs have been manufactured and signed off, and the signs are appearing in stations across Russia and beyond.