The 38K sq m GLA Tarazy Zamkowe is located in the very heart of Lublin, with the beautiful and historic old town just a few-minutes’ walk away. Opening in March 2015 the development will become an extension of Lublin’s city center shopping experience.

The mall under the hill


A mall under a hill? Well not really. But the planning restrictions on this scheme, overlooked as it is by Lublin Castle, meant that none of the normal mechanicals that would sit on the roof of such a building were allowed to be visible. So the architectural solution was to have a fully landscaped roof.


It seemed to us that the inside of the SEC was like the jewel inside a rock. Like the crystalline structure sitting within a geode. This was the high level concept we brought to the project, and which we reference through the design language.


Using, wood, concrete and white corian we have designed objects and graphics which are all highlighted with mineral inspired touches of bright colours. Lava, crystals, facets and countours all assemble to give Tarazy Zamkowe a unique design DNA.