Waasland Shopping Centre

    Air’s recent interior design refurbishment, branding and wayfinding signage strategy for Waasland Shopping Centre has helped transform it into one of the most dynamic and fashion-forward shopping destinations in Belgium, enjoying an almost instant increase in footfall by 20% upon relaunch with people seeking to rediscover their shopping centre which has been newly revitalised after 15 years.

    Waasland has transformed into Belgium’s prime social hub, where its lovingly-cultivated warm and welcoming atmosphere permeates throughout, inspiring the community to socialise with friends and family in contemporary, relaxed surroundings.

    A new brand campaign, ‘Discover and Smile', has helped make Waasland one of the happiest centres we've ever come across. Our consequent brand redesign incorporates vibrant imagery and a more sophisticated colour palette to appeal to the centre's target audience of 25-50 year old female shoppers.
    We've also designed a new wayfinding strategy and signage to enable customers to navigate more easily around Waasland's unique fashion, food, and lifestyle offerings, discovering more reasons to smile along the way...!
    By introducing natural elements and green landscapes our interior design became a catalyst for relaxation and ‘discovery’.
    Air Design implemented this modern information desk with panelled wood and neutral lighting to introduce a more relaxed and comfortable environment to the centre.