Waterfront began life as a space park, full of metallic detailing and cold finishes. Once bought and redeveloped into a mall by Resolution, work needed to be done to brighten up its vast spaces to make it appealing and usable for visitors. Air’s remit covered mall and car park signage, architectural details, interior rest areas and the food court.

From space park to shopping mall via a comprehensive refurbishment


Our solution took its inspiration from natural elements to bring some warmth and colour to the space. Green patterned vinyls bring visual interest to bulkheads, as well as making them visible to visitors. The food court furniture features wooden details, soft materials and lots of lush planting to create a welcoming and comfortable environment.


The refurbishment has transformed Waterfront from a cold, vast space into one which visitors feel they can spend time in. Signage is prominent in sight lines to aid navigation, whilst tying in with the overarching nature concept. Rest areas are strategically placed and regularly in use, with a robust specification ensuring items have a long life.